The Assistant to the Contracting Authority (ACA) is not intended to take the place of the Contracting Authority in fulfilling its obligations and making decisions. This help will take the form of assistance in setting up procedures and support for project management in respecting and applying your decisions.

Technical, administrative and economic assistance for new or restructuring projects. The mission can start with the programming and end at the end of the completion guarantee. When the assistance covers specific areas (legal, environmental quality, etc.) it is carried out with the support of a network of specialised partners.


Financial management, forecasting, payment orders, negotiations

Relations with the administrations, conceded, certifications, social lessors (neither secretariat nor accounting)…

Control of the elements issued by the notary and the surveyor, division description, property regulations, authentic act, deposit of documents, signature of authentic acts…

Sales support, advertising campaigns, sales spaces, sample apartments, commercial descriptions, additional buyer option lists, price lists, final negotiations with clients, contract signing. Works in support of the sales network set up by the project owner and/or its internal marketing and sales teams.

Choice of prime contractors and companies, optimization of operations, schedules, construction choices, articulating around the missions of feasibility, sketch mission, simplified preliminary project, detailed design, building permit, consultation file – tender bid, management of the execution of the works, assistance for reception of works operations and delivery, after-sales service.

Land search, feasibility study, financial study, relationship with sellers.


The act of building is more and more complex, the use of an AACA can be very advantageous for the Owner.

The assistant project manager’s role is to:

  • Advise the project owner on regulatory aspects,
  • Ensure that his needs are taken into account
  • To manage the various participants,
  • Act as an interface between building professionals and the client,
  • To bring the external, independent and objective glance of a professional on the proposals of the various participants of the act of building,
  • Apporter le regard extérieur, indépendant et objectif d’un professionnel sur les propositions des différents intervenants de l’acte de construire,
  • To make him realize savings